Dr. Uday Nirgudkar
Dr. Uday Nirgudkar
M.B.A. from University of Pune.
Trained at Berlitz school ,
  • Doctorate awarded by University of Pune in the field of Political marketing management.
  • Two decades of experience in Industry ranging form I.T., printing, education, Infrastructure & finance, Technology and Media…
  • As Chief of International operations with a leading IT company, traveled to more than 50 countries to deliver talks on various subjects like education, economy, management. Conducted top management workshops in Arab and African world.
  • Was Chief of Project setting up IT training centers in Rural India. Set up more than 1000 centers and trained more than 50000 youngsters.
  • Designed and implemented some of the largest opinion polls in the country.
  • Was instrumental in driving various Public Private Partnership in the area of education and uplifting rural mass.
  • Was the member of the academic council of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, a deemed University at Manipal for design of their distance education courses.
  • Authored a book titled Local Global depicting changing face of Globalizing India. Authored a book, “ All about winning Indian elections” and a novel titled “C.E.O”.
  • Compiled 4 books in the areas of Strategic use of Information Technology, TQM, Business Process Reengineering which were text book at Opne university of British Colombia, Canada.
  • Currently Chief editor and head of operations with Zee media corp.
  • Currently chief & editor of English Daily DNA
  • As a prolific speaker and author on the subject of technology and education has written number of articles in newspapers and magazines. Have appeared on number TV shows on current affairs on management, IT, Education and Politics.
  • Recipient of several awards.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the International Institute of Sports Management (IISM). India is now being looked at as a vibrant country, and despite the economic slowdown the sports sector has seen galloping growth. With major sporting properties flocking to India, career opportunities are extensive and varied in this rapidly expanding field. There is a wold shortage of capable sports management professionals and good opening are available. Nearly 41% of the nation is below 24 years of age which means the India is home to the world’s largest youth population.

IISM is an educational institution of distinction, combining excellence with innovation. IISM places a high value on providing its students with a fulfilling educational experience in their chosen discipline. IISM courses are well poised to deliver talent and harness the potential of young minds. Our focus is to impart a quality education with practical skills necessary for the start of a successful career in sports management.

In India, as elsewhere in the world, courses imparting practical knowledge are the fastest growing segment in the world of education. The courses developed in tandem with the industry are well poised to train the youth to meet the challenge of a rapidly developing society and nation.

At IISM, we deliver education with a global perspective and in tune with rapidly changing sports environment. “I’m confident you will find your learning with IISM a stimulating and rewarding experience”