EduHub is the educational initiative of Nilesh and Rasika Kulkarni. At EduHub we provide vocational training in the field of Event Management, Sports Management, Public Relations and Advertising & Journalism.

Today, innovative and advanced communication technologies have touched nearly all aspects of human life. We at EduHub, realize the immense importance of Mass Media and aim to provide world-class, state-of-the-art media education to our young and ambitious students.

For young and dynamic students wishing to enhance their career prospects in the field of Mass Media, EduHub is the ideal destination. EduHub radically differs from a formal training setup in providing the students with top class, academic and procedural knowledge. We have collaborative arrangements with some of the most prestigious and esteemed educational and professional institutions in Mumbai.

We have designed well-structured Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate courses to groom budding media professionals by making them familiar with the finer nuances of the Mass Media profession.

For any academic institution to be successful, it is necessary to have a good faculty. At EduHub, we pride ourselves in having some of the most skilled and dedicated professionals as our faculty members. They are not only professional amongst the best but also have high standards of ethical values.

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