Darshana Swaly
Sociology of Sports & Physical Activity
She has been working for corporate as a counselor as well as a free lance soft skills trainer for over 30 years.

At present, she is a counselor for Leo Tennis Academy where she is training competitors in mental skills. It is now widely recognized that all sports competitors need mental endurance in addition to physical endurance and of course the skills of the related sports. Darshana is emphasizing on this and has met with a lot of success in this area.

Darshana also conducts outbound adventure training workshops for corporate.

Her recent endeavor is a sports psychology based workshop for corporate.

“you can get a medal only when the mind is ready ! ” is a philosophy which has been proved and Darshana is helping sports competitors to recognize this and develop a mindset for the same.

After all ” winning is only a habit ! ” and Darshana is busy helping competitors to develop this fruitful habit.

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