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  IISM offers a great platform for individuals like me who want to fulfill their dream of a career in the Sports industry. The Sports Management program is unique & varied in content and focuses on diverse areas like Sports Event Management, Sports Marketing, Sports Sponsorships and many more. On the personal front, it was a great learning experience and I am convinced the skills that I have acquired here through unique assessment tests, internship program & events would help me immensely in shaping up my dream career in the Sports industry.

Prasan Shirdhonkar - IISM 2010-'11 Batch
  IISM is a foundation for all the sports passionate people who want to change, and bring professionalism in Sports industries. Here at IISM you won't only learn about sports management, but also learn about how to be a successful entrepreneur in life and to sustain in these enormous and competing Industries. At IISM you can develop your all round personality. With such a great faculty with plenty of experience about sports field you can't ask for much more. It's the first institute of its kind in India and a very good place to be in if you want to study sports management. I am very happy to study here and be a part of this esteemed institute and pass out from here with lots of knowledge, and excellent faculty who taught me so many things which are going to be helpful for me in my professional career.

Aditya Lodha - IISM 2010-'11 Batch
  IISM has not only given me immense know edge about the v rious aspects of sports management, it has also helped me tremendously by building up my confidence. There is a Iot that can take back from this course, it's been my best year as a student while studying in IISM

Dhwani Shah IISM 2010-'11 Batch
  In spite of being in the very first batch of PGDSM I had a great experience with tie faculty. They made sure that we had a variety of visiting faculty who gave us an all round and up to various dimensions of sports related studies.

Adwait Potnis IISM 2010-'11 Batch
  The most ideal way to kick start your career in the sports industry. IISM provides you with all the insights required to succeed in this field. with top notch faculty and industry interface opportunities IISM is the place to be !

Amit Krishnan IISM 2010-'11 Batch
  IISM has helped me find myself. It has got me acquainted with the sports industry and has been my guiding light for this journey i have embarked on.

Rohan Bagwe IISM 2010-'11 Batch
  IISM'S Post-graduate program not only adequately prepared me for my field, but it also provided me with networking opportunities to which I wouldn't have otherwise been exposed to. IISM gave me a broad overview of the sport industry and showed me the many different avenues that are available to be pursued. It's a unique university where in you are given an opportunity to work in a sports management company in between your course and gain first hand industry experience. Professionalism in the sports industry is the need of the hour here in India and IISM is one of the first institutes which help us in attaining that. The lecturers have all been working in the sports industry so we have been enriched with some useful knowledge which will help us while working in the industry.

Kartik Shetty IISM 2010-'11 Batch
  IISM is a one of its kind sports institute in India which covers maximum fields in Sports Management such as Sports Marketing, Sports Law, Public Relations, Principles of Sports Management, and Sports Medicine etc. IISM aims to bring out the professionalism in its students which can be applied in the much needed Sports Industry in our country. IISM continues to blend unique traditions with intellectual innovation to provide the best sports education environment for the development of outstanding graduates. Students interface and work with leading sports professionals from every field who are much focused on providing exceptional educational opportunities for all students.

Muzaffar Nawaz IISM 2010-'11 Batch
  I have always been in love with sports, to be specific with cricket. At IISM, I was provided with an opportunity to get in touch with people who shared an immense passion for the world of sports. More importantly, it made me even more aware of the factors such as marketing, advertising, sponsorship and branding that form a crucial part of today’s sporting environment. The module of Sports Journalism has provided an impetus towards my interest in sports writing.

Ameya Tilak IISM 2011-'12 Batch
  "Joining IISM turned out to be a very good decision for me as it gave me the right launching pad in the Indian sports industry. We got insights into the various verticals that existed in the industry with the help of some valuable experience shared by faculty. The classroom was filled with people passionate about various sports which helped in adapting learning from one sport to another. This mix of amazing people (now my friends) helped me realize the landscape of Indian sports industry and the various opportunities available to contribute."

Anshul Jain IISM 2011-'12 Batch
  IISM came as an obvious choice as it was the best option to help pave my path in the sports industry. The journey has been wonderful, it helped me understand the complexities of the sports fraternity and gave me an in depth knowledge of the workings for the same. The unconventional approach in learning only added to the belief that it’s going to be sphere of passion and the desire to contribute that will guide you to your destination. Being in a place with many experienced and like-minded people only positively adds to the experience.

Juthika Mehta IISM 2011-'12 Batch
  Being a sports fan has been my identity for as long as I can remember. Following sport was always considered a ‘hobby’ with which to fill time and provide a refresher from daily routine. To come to IISM and talk, discuss, debate sport as a routine was an experience in itself. The program provides a good solid understanding of the sports business, delivered by competent faculty. There are a few teachers, unrivalled experts in their domain; learning’s from whom have left a lasting impression. IISM provided me the platform to break into the sports industry, and for that I will always be grateful. Over the course of the year I had the good fortune of meeting varied personalities and have made some terrific friends amongst them. The course has left me with great memories from numerous fun times in and out of the classroom. The real value gleaned from my time at IISM is the network of sports management professionals that I have been able to build and am privileged to be a part of.

Shamit Gandhi IISM 2011-'12 Batch