Ideas that can change the lives of Sports Management students- An interview with Ms. Avanti Desai

“A professor affects eternity: he/she can never tell where their influence stops.” One such professor to IISM is Ms. Avanti Desai. Ms. Avanti is the ‘Incharge- Academic Outreach at IISM’ and have been associated to the institute for

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An Interview with Sports Entrepreneurs from IISM- Abhishek Kulkarni

Abhishek Kulkarni is IISM alumnus from PGP in Sports & Wellness Management Batch 2019-20. Abhishek is an ardent sports lover, cricketer and qualified fitness trainer. Hailing from a family of athletes, Abhishek always wished to do something remarkable

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An Interview with Sports Entrepreneurs from IISM- Team Sports Doyen

Since 11 years, IISM through persistent efforts has encouraged students to take up entrepreneurial tasks and enhance their entrepreneurship skills. Some of the IISM students have established their own venture called the Sports Doyen. The Sports Doyen is

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All about Nutrition Industry Aspects, Wellness & Job Market

Sports nutrition is application of nutrition knowledge in sports and exercise to help athletes enhance their performance, help in post exercise recovery and maintain good health. Sports nutrition helps active individual achieve their sports specific or exercise specific

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Sports Marketing – A Dynamic and Tenacious Fortitude

Marketing as a concept could be used in a variety of ways focusing on the customers and consumers. However, Sports Marketing focuses on encountering requirement of sport customers and consumers which includes people involved in playing sport, watching

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SMAT: The bridge between you and the world of sports

Sports Management has become a popular sector to work in since the advent and success of the Indian Premier League. This field is perfect for those who love sports and wishes to stay close to the arena forever.

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