An interview with Sports Entrepreneurs from IISM- Diksha & Ankit

Ms. Diksha Chillar & Mr. Ankit Nama are our students from PGP in Sports & Wellness Management Batch 2019-20. Diksha & Ankit have together founded Æthleti Circle, a Sports Management firm. With utmost passion, both alumni of IISM

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Feb 18th, 2021 Blogs 0 Comments

SPORTS FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: The Financial Side of Sports Management

In order for any sport organization or enterprise to thrive, good financial practices must be followed. Those responsible for this crucial aspect of the industry are sometimes financial experts who move into sports, while others study sport management

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Feb 8th, 2021 Blogs 0 Comments

An interview with a Sports Entrepreneur from IISM- Mr. Rutvik Likhite

Mr. Rutvik Likhite is our alumnus from Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management Batch 2017-20. He has founded his own sports brand called Kitup. An idea of doing something of his own in the sports retail and goods sector

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Jan 27th, 2021 Blogs 0 Comments

IISM students at Global Sports Week 2021

IISM is the happiest when its students embark on their journey in the Sports Industry. Our students are making a mark of their own and we’re proud of them all. In another breakthrough, two of our students- Jairath

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Jan 21st, 2021 Blogs 0 Comments

“Creating Leaders to shape a growing industry”

In recent years, India has seen a consistent upward trajectory in the business of sports. 2008 was a watershed year for sports in India with the advent of the IPL. Since then, the unique franchise-based format adopted by

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Jan 12th, 2021 Blogs 0 Comments

Legal Aspects in Sports Management & Sports Law

Students considering Sports Management as career should possess a fundamental understanding of sports law and other legal aspects of business activities in addition to other abilities like strong analytical, research, problem-solving and communication skills. As sports industry has

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Dec 28th, 2020 Blogs 0 Comments

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