Played every four years, Experienced once in a lifetime…….

My name is Reema Dsouza and I'm currently enrolled in the IISM's Post Graduate Program in Sports Management. Prior to pursuing my degree, I worked as a ‘Tour Consultant’ for group operations (Europe) for 3 years. However, I

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Jan 12th, 2023 Blogs 0 Comments

Indian Cricket Beyond the Boundary

Cricket. This one word has the power to bring the entire nation of 1.3 billion people to a standstill. The best example of this is the 2011 ICC World Cup. Everyone was glued to their television screens, as

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Jan 12th, 2023 News 0 Comments

How to Crack SSAT Exam 2023?

Congratulations on selecting a career path you love! As you have landed on this page, it is evident that you have made up your mind to pursue a Sports Science Degree from IISM. Kudos to this decision. We

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Dec 22nd, 2022 Blogs 0 Comments

Sports Courses after 12th in India

Mel Robbins said once, “Ambition is the first step to success. The second is action,” IISM is here to help you take both the step. The first step is always crucial. Everyone remembers the toddler’s first step, and your

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Dec 5th, 2022 Blogs 0 Comments

SSAT Exam – The Complete Guide

Sports Science is an upcoming topic that is gaining a lot of attention from athletes and sporting organisations. Sports Science deals with the study of physiology, motor control, biomechanics, nutrition, psychology and biochemistry of an athlete. These factors

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Oct 7th, 2022 Blogs 0 Comments

Sports Nutritionist- Careers, Job Description and Benefits

Not so long ago, people did not consider consuming supplements, or energy drinks. Cut to 2022, everyone is health-conscious, and people are taking extra care of what they eat and cutting down the consumption of junk food to

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Sep 16th, 2022 Blogs 0 Comments

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