SMAT: The bridge between you and the world of sports

Sports Management has become a popular sector to work in since the advent and success of the Indian Premier League. This field is perfect for those who love sports and wishes to stay close to the arena forever.

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An Interview with Sports Entrepreneur from IISM- Bhushan Malani

Bhushan Malani is IISM alumnus from Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management Batch 2017-20. He is a national level athlete who decided to pursue Sports Management and contribute towards the ever-increasing sector. While studying at IISM, Bhushan established a

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An Interview with Sports Entrepreneur from IISM- Vedant Garg

Vedant Garg is a student of Master’s Degree in Sports Management from batch 2019-21. Vedant is an ardent sports lover who has been a professional cricketer. At IISM, he is getting acquainted with the sports industry in depth.

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Improving the Sporting Landscape Byte by Byte

By 2025, it is estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be created each day globally, that’s the equivalent of 212,765,957 DVD’s per day, according to the World Economic Forum. Understanding of analytics will move from being a

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Mar 1st, 2021 Blogs 0 Comments

An interview with Sports Entrepreneurs from IISM- Diksha & Ankit

Ms. Diksha Chillar & Mr. Ankit Nama are our students from PGP in Sports & Wellness Management Batch 2019-20. Diksha & Ankit have together founded Æthleti Circle, a Sports Management firm. With utmost passion, both alumni of IISM

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Feb 18th, 2021 Blogs 0 Comments

SPORTS FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: The Financial Side of Sports Management

In order for any sport organization or enterprise to thrive, good financial practices must be followed. Those responsible for this crucial aspect of the industry are sometimes financial experts who move into sports, while others study sport management

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