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IISM is the pioneering institute of Sports Management Education in India, offering Bachelors & Masters degrees as well as PG Diploma courses in Sports Management & Sports Science.Since our establishment in 2010, over 2000 students have graduated from our institute and have secured jobs at various esteemed sporting organisations in India.

IISM aims to making Sports education accessible to people across all walks of life, and in accordance with this dream, has created a new vertical for sports E-learning! Our online certificate courses are designed keeping in mind the current professional requirements of the Global sports industry, while also being a convenient and easy-to-use platform for those who cannot take up a full-time degree course.

Our online courses cater to a wide range of interests & career prospects by including subjects like Cricket History & Administration, Sports Marketing, Sports Psychology, Fitness & Nutrition, and many other detailed topics; all of which are presented to you by reputed industry experts and professionals.


Download SMAT Sample Papers

Download SMAT Sample Papers

Download SMAT Sample Papers


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