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SARJ is India’s first ever Sports Research Journal initiated by the International Institute of Sports Management. SARJ is powered by the Inside Journal, an International Online Journal with 140+ editors which provides a great platform for the researchers, academicians, sports fraternities, Sports experts as well as students around the globe to share knowledge in the form of high-quality research work in all the subjects and cover the fields of Sports. With this platform worldwide research community across sports domain get opportunity to communicate and synchronize their research activities leading to growth and application of research, technology and the new trend and so on in the domain.

SARJ is a quarterly publication journal and the first volume of research work has been published in it. We would like to extend gratitude & congratulations to the members of SARJ’s editorial board- Prof. Ratnakar Shetty, Mr. Vinit Karnik, Mr. Amitava Pal, team IISM and to our students. At IISM, our continuous endeavour is to achieve excellence and SARJ is one step towards it.

This is a QUATERLY Publication Journal.

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» Business Statistics & Data Processing in Sports

» Sports Management

» Sports Marketing

» Sports Finance

» Sports Human Resources Management

» Sports in International Business

» Sports and Ethics in management

» Sports Entrepreneurship

» Sports Law

» Sports Analytics

» Sports Nutrition

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» Sports Technology

» E-Sports

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» Sports Sponsorship

» Doping

» Sports Medicine

» Sports Manufacturing


  1. A Study on the Factors Parents Consider While Enrolling their Children into Sporting Academies in Mumbai

  2. Impact of Gender of the Players on the Viewership of Sports in India: A Case study of ICC World Cup
  3. Role of Commercial Television Channels in Reviving Traditional Sports Viewership; with Reference to Kabaddi and Hockey In India

  4. To study factors influencing a consumer’s choice of digital platforms for streaming sports in mumbai

  5. Business challenges and opportunities of online marketing in sports goods industry in India.

  6. Predicting The Outcomes Of Football Matches Using Machine Learning Techniques

  7. Impact Of Sports Economic Development

  8. Clustering For Player Replacement

  9. Descriptive Analysis Of The Indian Premier League 2020 Auction

  10. Fantasy Sports In India

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