Deepak Tanwani

I’m currently pursuing Post-Graduate Program in Sports Management from IISM. Sports has always been a vital part of my life. It gave me something more than just a purpose – it gave me an identity. I always wanted to be on the playground than be confined within the four walls of the classroom during my school life.
This fascination with sports made me curious about not just the strategies of the game but also about the logistical and management aspect of it. To continue this professionally, I choose IISM for my training. So far, my journey at IISM has been amazing. From the first day itself, we have been trained with ground-level experiences. I was also elected as President of the College Sports Festival.
Apart from this, I have received an internship at FIFA World Cup 2022, in Qatar. Through education at IISM, I am taking my efforts forward and building myself as an ethical leader who can create new systems for the sports industry.