Hardik Gangrani

Mumbai is a city of dreams, they say and IISM has undoubtedly helped me to fulfil my dream. I moved to Mumbai from a small village in Madhya Pradesh and applied to IISM to pursue a career in sports as I am extremely passionate about it. The institute has helped and guided me towards and on the path of achieving my career goals and work my way up the ladder in the sports industry. Studying at IISM has been the ideal decision for my career and I urge all students to enrol in the program and reap the benefits of it. During my journey at the institute, I have learned that it is important to grab the right opportunity as it comes. With many great internships and placements offered by IISM, you will definitely be on the right path with perseverance and readiness to take on anything that comes your way.
Current Company and Designation:
Sports Interactive, Project Manager (Jr. Associate)