“It was great experience to be able to attend such a prestigious conference. I’d like to extend my gratitude towards IISM board members for exposing us to such a great platform& letting us explore wide horizons through research paper or knowledge report. It was a great learning experience as we got an opportunity to interact with not just the industry experts but also dignitaries with abundant knowledge about the sporting ecosystem. Networking is key to success was embodied through this event as we also got an opportunity to interact with athletes like Manu Bhaker & Vikas Krishnan who’ve made India proud.
When I chose IISM to build my career within the sports industry, my ultimate goal was to become a sports analyst and I believe with opportunities like, I’m getting the right push as I get to interact with sports analytical experts from ruling sporting companies like star sports who guided me in various aspects of analytics which was the biggest and most important takeaway for me.
I am extremely grateful to IISM for providing this platform & helping me be more confident about my vision.”